Which Type Of Callus Remover Is Better For You: Manual Or Battery Powered

Yes, there are countless different callus removers on the market, but at the end of a day, it all comes to two main versions, manual and battery powered ones. Despite the current popularity of battery powered callus removers, manual ones are still desirable and treated as a great alternative. But, why they are so popular? And, should you get one?


Manual callus removers

These callus removers are an excellent choice for all users who are looking for the ultimate and extremely simple method to remove callus from their feet and other parts of the body. They do not require electricity or anything else, and they can be used anywhere you want them. You simply must have one of these tools in your home and it will help you a big time. Keep in mind that manual callus removers do come in different sizes and with different abrasivity levels, so you can always get the one that is just perfect for your purposes.

With these models, you don’t have to change rollers or anything like that. All you have to do is to use them and callus will be completely removed. But, they are slower than battery-powered models, so you are going to need more time and they must be used with a higher level of care, in order to avoid injuries.


Battery powered callus removers

These are newer and more appealing alternative. Because they operate using a battery and electric motor, these callus removers are an excellent way to remove callus as easy as possible. They usually come with the ability to use several different rollers, so you can get the abrasivity level you need at that particular moment. So far so good. In addition, they are also treated as more professional models, due to the fact a single unit can be used for different body parts without making any modifications.

They are also durable and they can be used anywhere you want, but only when the battery is fully charged. As you may know, when the battery is almost empty, the electric motor will operate slower than usual, so it becomes annoying and problematic.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quicker and more effective way to remove callus battery powered units are a better option. If you like to take your time and you want to pay attention to details, these models are great. They are the best alternative you can make at the moment.


The final word

Ideally, you will have both versions. The manual ones are excellent for quick and simple callus removers. However, electric ones are quicker and more appealing to most users. In addition, a combination of these two will make sure your feet and other parts of the body where callus may appear are perfectly clean and smooth. For areas where extremely thick callus deposits are located, you can use the first manual and then the electric unit in order to reach the perfectly smooth skin.

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