What To Do In Case Of Hand Callus

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Do you have problems with calluses forming on your hands rather often than you would want? Have you not found a solution to your problem yet? Don’t despair, we are here to guide through how to get rid of calluses on hands.

What is Callus?

In order to solve a problem, you first must know what that problem exactly is. Callus is a rough, thickened patch of skin that forms on your feet or hands. It forms due to constant friction or irritation, and once formed it is not that easy to remove it. You will learn about it more.

How to Prevent Callus Formation on Hands?

If you want to save your perfect skin look, without any bumps and thick areas, you should wear gloves whenever you are facing physical work for which you will need your hands. That is how you will prevent friction and irritation, which are the main reasons for the creation of calluses.

What Can You Do When It is Already Formed?

If you haven’t been careful, and you are now stuck with calluses on your palms, then stick with us and find out what can you do to remove them. It might take a while, but that all depends on which treatment you will choose.

  1. Soak Your Hands in Warm Water

If it is early stages and your calluses just formed, you should be lucky enough to remove your calluses by warm water. After five to ten minutes your skin should start softening and calluses will disappear. Not a big deal, right?

  1. Use Pumice Stones

Just as you would treat your feet, you can treat your hands; use pumice stones to scrub calluses, but beware if any form of pain occurs. If you are feeling small dosage of pain you should stop scrubbing. Five minutes of daily scrubbing should be enough for your callus to disappear within days.

  1. Oil, Cream, and Gel Treatment

Calluses have progressed and no home remedy treatment would suffice; you now need oils, creams, and gels. Never fear, luckily there are tons of creams, oils, and gels that will help you. You should look for moisturizing creams with salicylic acid or urea that will soften the dead and thick skin.

Once you have applied the cream to your callus, cover the area for the night, and in the morning just scrape off the dead skin. You are good to go. Next time wear gloves or other protective material.


Medicine has progressed and keeps progressing, but there isn’t yet an effective cure for calluses that will instantly remove your problems. That is why the saying, “Calluses are easier to prevent than to treat”. However, there are a few treatments with which you can’t go wrong.

We have explained it all to you, and hopefully, it will be enough for you to remove yourself from that unpleasant feeling caused by calluses. If you don’t succeed in the first try, try it again and again. Only if you feel unbearable pain, you should contact doctors for advice.

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