Treat your callus from feet

Think of a callus as a television: occasionally, they are good for making your stay at home, but above all, you just want to get rid of them. But it is much easier to get rid of callus than to give up your home TV.

You need patience as well as the right products and regimes. Soak the callus Each night, soak your foot in a container of warm water and baking soda – this will break down dead skin cells and soften the callus. You can also take an Epsom bath salt to soothe your skin as it softens. It is important to dry the entire skin after it has softened. Persistent moisture during the procedure can lead to quite serious infections.


Use some lactic acid

Before bedtime, rub a foot cream with lactic acid to break down dead cells overnight. Your body goes into hyperactive regeneration mode while you sleep, so it is important to do so just before you catch yourself. Try wearing a road after application to protect the skin from germs on the surfaces you can iron on. Moisture in this case does not pose a problem, even if we carry a road, because the applied cream enters the skin quite well and quickly.


Get a callus remover

In the morning, after we wake up, we can take an electric callus remover and it helps to remove the skin from the surface of the soles of the foot, causing the dead skin to be removed with great ease. It must be done until the surface of the skin is smoothed. It should only remove the dead skin, it should not be pressed too hard so as not to hurt the area. After this operation, you can make hot water dush.



In addition to removing the callus, we must also follow a hydration process of the skin of the foot. Use a nutrient-rich product, such as a Mayron Foot Cream Shea butter, which soothes and softens the skin, beeswax, vitamin E.


Foot control

If you often get hit by the appearance of calluses on your feet it may be because of the footwear, or it may be too tight on the foot or we may have a problem with the physiognomy of the foot. You can go to a doctor to do a thorough checkup. See a podium to examine your leg. After checking with a specialist you can get information on how to choose the shoe and tips & tricks for foot care.



Because the callus problem can last for weeks, it is best to use superfeets. There are footwear accessories that help us get comfortable and get rid of the callus pain while walking. It makes us forget for a moment the calluses at the feet and we can continue our activity.