Tips On How To Use Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers

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In the market flooded with all types of callus removers, Dr. Scholl’s callus remover is amongst the leader in its category, it’s completely safe to use as the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it’s safe for human usage.

Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers works effectively and efficiently giving you a smooth, soft and hydrated skin within a matter of seconds ensuring you have a stress free life. In this post, we are going to have a brief discussion on How to use Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers!


Using this remover

All those who are allergic to Dr. Scholl’s callus remover should not take them. For guardians or parents do not give your children especially if they have flu, chicken pox or a fever, this product contains Salicylic acid which can lead to Reyes syndrome. This disease is quite fatal and dangerous for children.


Always consult a doctor or pharmacist if you have any of these conditions

  • Diabetes
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Problems with blood circulation.

For mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding always consult your doctor who will advise you accordingly whether to use this beauty product or not, as further research and studies have not shown whether it’s completely safe to use this product for both pregnant and nursing mothers.


Steps on how to use Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers

There are many types of this remover, they come in a variety of forms for example cream, lotion, gel, shampoo, foam, soap the list is endless I could go on and on. Strict following of the prescription as directed by your doctor is very important. Always avoid either underdose or overdose and using for a longer time than prescribed.

Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers should be applied on the skin, do not ever try to ingest them.


Follow these important steps when using this callus remover

  1. Shake well the gel, foam or lotion before applying
  2. Smoothly clean and dry the skin affected position, especially when removing calluses slowly remove dry and loose skin with a cloth or soft brush and afterward soak your skin for about 5-10 minutes before applying Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers
  3. If you are using a skin patch, gently cut a patch that will fill the affected spot.

Using this product to treat a callused skin is very effective, however, it may take a couple of days for your skin condition to get better. If your symptoms do not change or worsen, call your Doctor immediately for further medication.

Store this product at room temperature and keep the foam canister from it as it’s highly flammable and may explode.


What to do if you underdose or overdose

When you miss a dose always take it the minute you remember, it’s prohibited and never take extra medicine to cover for the missed dose.

Taking an extra dosage is not fatal but in the event of overdose always seek immediate medical attention.


Things to avoid when taking Dr. Scholl’s Callus Removers:

  • Do not use the medicine close to a heat source to prevent it from exploding and burning your skin
  • Never smoke till the gel has dried off
  • Avoid getting the medicine into your nose, eyes, and vagina. If this happens thoroughly, rinse it with a lot of water.
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