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During hot sunny days especially during summer, we all love to wear loose fitting clothes with sandals which makes our feet remain cool and dry while also looking stylish and sharp as we engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

Inevitably our feet will get callus and be dry and there is no better tool to tackle that particular problem other than emjoi micro-pedi battery operated callus remover. This product will keep your feet soft and smooth so that you can enjoy the whole summer without worry.


Economical and saves money

Owning this beauty product is a wise investment choice that you will not regret it, going to a salon for a pedicure to remove all the dead skin that has accumulated is quite expensive and not all of us can afford it.

This tool is constructed and designed to safely remove all the dead skin in your feet while also offering the best possible protection to your body. The results you get after using the emjoi micro-pedi is even better than even going for a pedicure proving the best value for your money.

It also uses AA batteries it does not require electricity for operation saving you some much-needed money that would have gone to electricity expenses.


Higher and reliable performance

One of the reasons this product is quite popular among shoppers is its ability to remove callus and dry skin within the shortest amount possible, if you are in hurry and want a soft and smooth skin this is the product for you.

The fact that it does not have metal scrapers instead they have rolling pads underlining its safety features when in operation by protecting your feet against harm


Easy and comfortable handling

The emjoi micro-pedi has an ergonomic design to ensure it fits perfectly into your hand with a stronger grip. You can remove all the dry skin easily without experiencing discomfort with its smooth and gentle rollers you will be stunned how it’s easier to buff off all the tough and hard skin.

Its rollers are specifically designed to spin 360 degrees ensuring the elimination of the callused skin is done according to your preferences. Storage and maintenance are easy due to its relatively small size.


Gives you beautiful and smooth feet

We all want and desire instant results and this tool offers just that, after using it your skin will be soft, smooth and attractive skin within a few seconds. Its battery operated and portable which is highly advantageous as you can carry it everywhere you go so be rest assured for a 24-hour softer skin.

Having a smooth and radiating skin is a huge confidence booster especially during the summer as you will not be afraid to let your hair down and enjoy your summer experiences to the fullest.

NOTE: Do not press this product forcefully on to your feet as it will not function properly, always ensure gently move and push around your feet so as to remove as much dead skin as possible.

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