Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Callus Removers

As we all know, callus removers are the best way to get rid of this annoying issue and to get smooth skin once again. They are very easy to use and they are far from complicated to maintain. But, there are some mistakes some users make, which can cause annoying problems and can make callus removal a serious task. In order you not to make these mistakes, we have listed them below, so it is easy for you to avoid them.

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Applying too much pressure

The most common mistake is when a user applies too much pressure on the spot. It will cause the roller to go deeply into the callus and remove all of it, but at the same time it will affect the skin beneath the callus, so it will cause an injury. This is the most common issue with powerful electric callus removers and with rough rollers. Almost every single beginner will make this mistake at least once, so try to avoid it. In order to avoid it, always use a softer roller first and gradually press it alongside callus deposit!

Using electric callus remover for thin callus layers

Callus isn’t always thick and in some areas, it can be just a few millimeters thin. When it is thin you must use the softest roller you have or you should use a manual unit. They are generally more suitable for thin callus layers and they are more accurate. Of course, they are obviously manual units, so you will have a complete control over the removing process. The main mistake is when you use a rough roller and you apply too much pressure. As you are well aware, the injury will happen.

Using an old roller

Rollers must be changed on the regular basis. When not, they will be damaged over time and their sanding capabilities are not as when new. Make sure you always use a new roller and to replace the old one as soon as possible.

Using electric callus remover when the battery isn’t fully recharged

When the battery of an electric callus remover is empty or almost empty the sanding capability is compromised. This means that the unit won’t have enough power to run smoothly and it will need more time to help you remove callus. This also means that the battery will be completely drained in a couple of minutes, so you won’t be able to complete the process.

Avoiding this mistake is easy. Always make sure the battery is completely full and use it only then. Each unit has an LED or some other form of indicator to tell you when the battery is fully recharged.

The final word

Avoiding these mistakes will help you have perfectly smooth skin in any area and keep injuries away from you. After all, electric callus removers are professional and advanced tools that are simply the ultimate way to remove callus from any part of the body almost instantly.

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