Medical Term for Calluses

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If walking is more and more painful due to calluses, do not remain indifferent to this health problem.

Calluses should be regarded as a defense of the body. It is a skin that thickens due to a conflict, either there is a prominence in the foot or hand, or there is an inadequate shoe. Therefore, an excessive friction occurs and the response of the body is that of thickening of the skin. If the skin did not thicken it would produce a much more delicate and painful wound. This is never a cosmetic problem.

As a rule, calluses occur when we change the shoe, but there is also a connection between physical effort and weight loss because an intense physical effort leads to battering. For example, standing in the long run or long distance walking and depending on a shoe or another produces or does not produce a hoop.

The causes are many: the foot as such, the shoe and the effort, the permanent skin demand from this level.

The shape of the foot permits the appearance of hyper-support points, hyper-pressure, and in that place, the body defends itself by sealing this thickened skin.


What do we do when the calluses appear?

The first reflex is to look at the shoes, let’s not be the issue of battling, and then reduce the demand for the segment (hand, foot) respectively, stay less or walk less.

An utmost reflex, which is used very few times, depending on the situation itself, is to resort to corrective operations at the level of the deformations that produce these calluses.

One of the viable solutions to this problem is to use a protective patch to avoid friction between leather and shoes, or specialized footwear that is placed at the foot, where there are protrusions, to avoid this friction. Also, there are fingers that protect the areas.

Preferably, initially it is recommended to use these protective tools and not to resort to local treatments, because as we have just mentioned, the callus is not a medical problem, but it is a defense reaction and when we try to remove the callus, we can create the conditions of a wound. Therefore, it is best to use tools to prevent calluses.

If we strike this problem for more than 18 months, if all the variants tried do not help us get rid of these calluses, we can finally get to surgery, but the intervention does not involve the removal of the callus, the intervention involves the correction of the disorders have led to her appearance. Here are the mounts, which produce secondary planting calluses, produce the fingers in the hammer that come in contact with the shoes and produce the batons and then the obvious problem will be corrected, namely the mounts.



It is generally considered that calluses themselves are harmful. In fact, it is exactly the opposite, the calluses protect us, this is a normal reaction to protect the body, the skin against an aggression. From the aesthetic point of view, it is a problem, but for the body, it is a shield where it feels the need.

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