How To Use Liquid Corn And Callus Remover

Having calluses and corns on your hands and feet is truly an annoying situation. Everyone wants a very flawless skin but these calluses tend to make things go wrong as they give a “rough” situation to everyone who has them.

Callus is the condition wherein the skin on the palms of your hands or on the soles of your feet becomes hard and thickened because of friction. However, if you got a callus on your feet or hands, don’t worry as calluses only come out to act as a protection for your skin by means of thickening it. The good thing is that you can now get rid of your callus by using an effective corn and callus remover. These corn and callus removers usually come in a liquid form.

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The effectiveness of liquid callus remover

The main and active ingredient in the liquid callus remover is the so-called salicylic acid. It is keratolytic which is a member of the salytolic family that is proven to be very effective in treating acne. Salicylic acid works by adding more moisture to the applied area and destroying the bonds that harden these calluses and corns. This excess skin can now be removed easier by means of using a pumice stone or a file.

How to use a liquid callus remover?

The rule of thumb is that you must follow the instruction listed in the leaflet or manual included in your liquid callus and corn remover package. Follow the instructions carefully or you may end up burning or irritating your skin. But this is the usual procedure in removing callus and corns by means of using a liquid corn and callus remover.

  • First clean and sterilize the affected area by using soap and water.
  • Try to remove the first layer of excess and dead skin by using a pumice stone or a file.
  • Using the included application tool, apply the salicylic acid onto the affected area.
  • Protect the affected area by means of covering it up using a donut pad, gauze, bandage or antiseptic bands.
  • Repeat the same procedures every two days or 48 hours for up to 14 days or until your callus or corn has been successfully removed.

Prevent callus and corns from getting back

There are a lot of tips you may want to consider if you want to avoid getting calluses. Wear a pair of shoes that perfectly fit your feet. Check if your shoes are too fit by trying to wiggle your toes. If you can’t wiggle your toes then your shoes are probably too tight and may be a cause of having calluses.

You may also want to cover the most rubbed areas by use of bandages, gauzes, and others. Also, try to wear padded or rubberized gloves when doing rigorous activities that require frequent rubbing of hands.

Getting calluses and corns might be a nightmare for some. Get rid of these skin conditions by using a quality liquid callus and corn remover now.

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