How To Use Electric Callus Remover

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Electric callus removers are the best way to get smooth skin on your feet or another part of a body where callus appeared. If you have been using them for some time, then there is no need in explaining how they work and what the main points are. On the other side, if you are a beginner and a new user, you will want to know how these tools operate and how they should be used.

The first thing to know is that all battery operated models use a roller that is powered by the electric motor. They can rotate up to 40 times per a second and they have particles of minerals or something similar that will literally scrape the callus from the skin. Yes, they can cause minor scratches and injuries if not used properly, so here is the main point to follow when using an electric callus remover for the first time.

Do not wet your feet

You may have heard that you can wet your feet before removing callus. This is true and if the callus is thick it may be the best tip to use. However, when doing this, removing callus will be quicker than usual, so the risk of injuring yourself is higher as well. That’s why you should skip this step for now.

Slowly remove the first layer of callus

The first actual step is to slowly remove the initial layer of callus. Start from your heel and slowly move forward. Make sure that the complete area is processed and there is no the first layer of callus. In order to make this more effective, use the roughest roller you have.

Do not make a lot of pressure

In most cases, callus deposits will be thick, but the thickness isn’t the same in all areas. That’s why you will have to be gentle and slowly remove it, without pressing the callus remover too much, or you will hurt yourself.

Repeat the process with a different roller

Once you are done sanding the entire surface with the roughest roller, switch to another one which is gentler and repeat the second step. Once again, start from your heel and move forward. When the entire area is completed, proceed to the next step.

Use the softest roller

Yes, the step you will have to follow now is to use the softest roller and cover once again the entire surface. This will make sure you get smooth skin all around your feet and to complete the task. You will also have to use the softest roller for areas that weren’t able to reach with other rollers and for areas which are layered with a thin callus.


As you can see, using callus remover is an extremely simple task and you will need a couple of minutes to get it all done. Once you have gone through all these steps, you will be able to use the callus remover anywhere and on any part of the body.

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