How to get your hands and feet warm

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How to get your hands and feet warm when it’s very cold outside

The cold feeling that we feel during the cold winter days is very unpleasant, and besides the thermal discomfort, this sensation can also create other problems, so it is very good to learn how to maintain the optimal body temperature when we go out these days.

The first to detect the cold and begin to cool are hands and feet because it is on the periphery of the body. As we know, because the peripheral areas are not adequately protected from outside cold, our body loses a large amount of heat up to 30%. Of course, it’s hands, feet, neck and head.

With the sensation of cold from the hands and feet, our body begins to consume a greater amount of resources and energy, which leads to exhaustion and fatigue that we feel after a cold walk.

We’re trying to help you with some tips to help keep your temperature optimal even in the hottest winter days.

Wearing gloves.

Polka gloves are recommended, they are great for keeping your fingers warm and preventing cold air from entering. Preferably, the gloves will be whole, with no fingers, because it does not give you the feeling of numbness when we give up on them, it also keeps the heat warmer inside.

Move your hands around your body

We tend to keep our hands in our pockets when it’s cold outside to keep us from low temperatures. The desired result will not appear too soon because this method does not work. In order to achieve the desired result, we must do the opposite, move the hands around the body or rub them in order to maintain an optimal temperature and to stimulate blood circulation.

Waterproof and lined footwear

It is ideal to avoid wearing footwear with a very thin sole in cold weather because the distance between the foot and the ground is lower, the more we feel the cold. Therefore, during the cold winter days we must avoid wearing autumn boots.

If the shoe is made of a material that allows water to penetrate, the feeling of cold will intensify quite a bit. In this condition, It is possible to help the callus from the feet to appear.

To have warm legs in winter, we do not need to wear 2 pairs of socks, we must wear a shoe that is made of waterproof material and if it can also be coiled to keep the temperature inside the boot.

Food stimulates blood circulation

For heat to last as long as it’s good to eat foods that are high in protein, we also need to consume aliments that have a thermogenic effect to stimulate blood circulation, we can eat a hot pepper, mustard, cinnamon.

Warm drinks maintain optimal temperature

 Warm drinks help us eliminate the cold feeling of the hands and feet. These are beneficial in the winter because they warm our body. In warm drinks we can include teas, which should be eaten twice a day, and we can also consume boiled wine, which is beneficial to keep the optimal temperature at the peripheral level.

We should avoid drinking coffee during the cold because it blocks the contraction of blood vessels and helps to lose heat.

As we can protect our feet from callus with a foot cream and even use a callus remover, so we can protect our hands and feet from the cold by the methods described above.