How to choose the best foot massager

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What you need to know before making a choice regarding the best foot massager.

We are all in a situation where it is hard enough for us to find time for relaxation, to do things to get us out of the workplace. We also include a programming to a SPA center, programming that takes time to go to the lounge and then to the house. So, what’s left to do? It remains that after a day we spend at work we can relax at home as a SPA center.

So, we do not have to waste time going to an SPA, but we can make a purchase for the best foot massager and enjoy the benefits this can offer, even at home.

Types of foot massagers.

The foot massagers are very diverse, from handheld devices, the ones we manually maneuver, to electric foot massagers, those that come with a multitude of functions. Thus, they are divided into two categories: the category of those who make dry massage and those who make wet massage, which are actually tubs for feet where various massage devices are attached.

Dry massage machines, known as a manual foot massager, are usually made of wood with a round form or a ball form that must be handled manually along the feet. Although it is not as relaxing as we would like to be such a massage, simply because it involves activity on our part, they give us some flexibility and some control over the massage because we can act exactly where we feel the need, this being one of the advantages of these handheld foot massage machines.

The second category, the category of electric foot massager, the tubs that we can use for both a dry massage and a wet foot massage. As a dry massage, we have not to put water, the machine running normally and doing a massage just like it would be filled with water. The moment we add water to the tub, it softens our feet, creates comfort and with the help of the hydromassage function makes us feel fully relaxed.

The big advantage of this category is that it gives us the opportunity to feel the same relaxation we have when going to an SPA salon. All we have to do is start the device, relax in an armchair and watch TV or just think we’re somewhere on a beach, all the while the massage appliance does its job.

Another advantage is that we can spend the time we spent on our way to the lounge and from the salon to the house for a constructive activity such as reading a book, watching TV, doing an activity that would relax us. All this time, it’s a time won for us, a very valuable time after a day of work.

In this category there are two types of electric foot massager: those operated by pressing the buttons on the device, setting the type of massage,and those operated by a remote control.

Of course, the best foot massager is the one operated with a remote control as a control accessory, which relieves us from bending to the device to turn on/off the device or change the mode of the massage or to restart it when the massage session ends .

What functions should have the best foot massager?

To make the right choice considering relaxation, it is advisable to choose the best foot massager. In order to make the best choice, when buying, we need to look at what functions has the device and what power.

Surely, when we say the best foot massager, we associate it with the multitude of massage modes and the intensity of the device, characteristics that make us feel like at an SPA center.

By simply pressing a button on the remote control we can start the relaxation moments. Most of foot massagers have 2, 3 or 4 degrees of intensity, which gives you the flexibility to choose the desired intensity of the massage and can switch even during the massage.

As we all think, the type of massage differs from one device to another. Some offer massage with balls and others massage with help of some rotations. Also, we can choose the device to insist on a certain area of the legs, such as heel, foot or fingers.

Another function is the hydromassage. A function that we certainly find at the best foot massager, a function that makes us feel like in a whirlpool, giving us relaxation for our tired and swollen feet after a day of work.

Massage can be a simple massage with warm water, water that can be heated by the foot massager or a foot massage with vibration, the action being on the entire surface of the feet.

Accessories for a foot massager.

The best foot massager not only helps us to relax but also helps to clean our feet. It can include a pumice stone that helps us remove dead cells from feet, purnice ston which comes as an accessory.

Also as accessories, we can also include the timer function, which helps us combine relaxation as desired without having to wait for the average massage time of a program, lasting about 15-20 minutes. All this can be done with a remote control, where we can also have the function of changing the intensity and also the possibility to change the mode of massage. Of course, we can also include this remote at accessories.

As a conclusion, we need to be very careful when choosing to buy the best foot massager, because they are very important features that should have it, giving us a relaxation worthy of a SPA center.

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