Guide To Buy The Best Foot Massagers

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When we walk or run for long hours, our feet become tired. One of the best options to reduce this tiredness is to massage our feet. However, we cannot get time to visit a clinic for a massage therapist. Thus, to have the comfort at home, a foot massager is the right choice for us. You may invest in this device to massage your foot using the device. Most of the manufacturers have offered easy-to-use foot massagers.

As there are several foot massagers in the market, you have to know the way of choosing the right one. It is better to purchase a lightweight device that you can move to any place of your house. You must check out whether the device is able to accommodate your foot. The manufacturers mention the foot size that fits the massager. The best foot massager also fits all the spots of your feet to reduce the pain.

The modern foot massagers also present you with various features. You have to find out the usability of all those features for massaging your foot. Some massagers have cushioned or padded surface, where you have to place your foot. Another thing that you have to check is the speed. There are 2 to 3 options for adjusting the speed levels. The foot massagers also help you with heat therapy, and they should have user-friendly controls to run massaging device very easily.

Now, we have reviewed the most popular foot massagers for you. Find the details of all those massagers.


The Best Foot Massagers

1Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-KneadingMiko has offered one of the innovative foot massagers to treat you with the professional standard massage. With heat and air pressure, this charcoal grey colored device performs its work. The design of the foot massager is very sleek and portable. You may store it at any place after your everyday use. Whether you are doing your office works or watching TV at your home, you may run the device to have comfort on your feet. There is no need of approaching a therapist for shiatsu massage. Miko has designed the device for this type of massage.

When you have tired feet, you may operate the device for having better blood flow. The best fact is that you will be able to apply the pressure on the sore parts. As the best foot massager device, it is unique in design. You can find two separate chambers for inserting your feet. You have to slip the feet into it. Then, the device will start its work for you. The presence of chambers makes it easy for you to massage the sides and a bottom portion of the feet.
There are different settings for adjusting the pressure. While you are massaging your feet, you will be able to control air pressure. You may choose any of the five settings, targeting the pressure points. At every pressure level, you have to spend fifteen minutes daily. The automatic shut-off feature reduces your effort.

This device helps you to get advantage from different functionalities, including vibration, deep kneading, and rolling. The control panel at the center includes soft-touch buttons. You may use these buttons for personalizing your massage session. Control the strength level, the heat level and the type of massage.

Thus, you can enjoy unique massaging technique and shiatsu nodes. Chronic aching, tough knots, muscle strain, plantar fasciitis pain, and various other pains are curable with the regular use of the massager. Miko has also offered two wireless remotes for preventing your back strain at the time of altering the modes.


  • Highly portable;
  • Easily controllable ;
  • Relieves the pain of feet muscles;
  • Designed for all feet sizes.


  • Can not treat the pain of the heel.

2HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with HeatHoMedics has offered another foot pain-relieving tool, helping you with the professional standard shiatsu massage. This foot massager is slightly bigger in size. While you have large feet, you can comfortably place them on the massager. Thus, the manufacturer has designed this device for all types of users.

The sportsmen, hikers, and runners feel much stress on their feet every day. They may use the device for reducing the pain on the feet. By relieving the pain, they will be able to have better performance.

The novice users of foot massagers will have no issue in using the device. HoMedics has created an easily comprehensible device for the users. Most of the users love the way of operating HoMedics foot massagers. The toe-touch buttons have made this device unique. You have to push these buttons for activating the device to start the process of massaging. You can trigger the heating function of the massager using these controls.

As one of the Triple Action massagers, this device is much effective in its performance. The kneading process for shiatsu massage is much soothing to the users. The device helps in massaging your feet in a circular way. It treats all the parts of your feet. By using the massager regularly, you can heal the tired soles and arches. The special feature of the device is that its triple heads have a rotational mechanism. You will have a full massage of your toe, heel and all other spots of your feet.

The device uses the right amount of heat for penetrating the muscles of your toes and arches. Turn on the heat for having the better sensation from the massage. It helps in making the healing process much faster and stimulates the flow of blood. The fabric, used on the surface of the massager, is breathable. Thus, your feet will not start sweating due to overheating issue.

The pregnant women and pacemaker users have to avoid using the device.


  • Hands-free foot massager;
  • Good size for accommodating all sizes of feet;
  • Highly effective triple-rotational heads.


  • You cannot angle the device upward.

3Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Selectable Heat, Rollers and Air CompressionWhen you are looking for a reliable foot massager, you may invest in this product from Brookstone. The deep kneading technique of this massager helps you in relieving the muscle stress. It also makes the blood circulation much better. Those, who have diabetic neuropathy, feel numbness and pain in their feet. It is also useful when you have numb toes on the cool winter days. Reduce the intense pain of your feet by using the massager.

You can find special chambers for air compression, and this design is effective for reducing the tension. The rollers, integrated with the device, are also effective for reducing muscle tension. They treat the sole portion of your feet. These rollers work smoothly without making much noise. The air compression and the rollers work jointly for providing you with the shiatsu massage. The massager is capable of accommodating the feet of any man or woman.

There is no complicated design in this massager. It is very easy for you to operate F4 Foot Massager. As it is very lightweight, you will also be able to move the device to any place. The manufacturer has streamlined the structure to offer you a very sturdy massager. You can hold the handle and shift the device easily. The control panel has the backlit system, and it helps you in triggering the massaging process in the low-light environment.

You can find three auto programs for treating your feet. Energize, Pulse and Soothe- these are the preset programs in the device. While you are sitting comfortably on your sofa, these preset functionalities will do the work for you.

The sophisticated design prevents you from making any mess with the cords. As the device has a built-in cord, you will be able to keep everything organized. Another part of the device is the zip-out linings that are cleanable easily.


  • Gives soothing sensation with heat;
  • Reduces the tightness in muscles;
  • Easy to use controls.


  • Not much durable in design.

4FIT KING Shiatsu Foot Massager

FIT KING Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat for FootMassage is the best option to treat a fatigued foot, and this electric foot-massaging device does the job for you. FIT KING has designed a unique foot massager for the users. You can massage all the parts, including heels, arches, and toes. To do shiatsu massage manually, you need skills. However, for those, who have no skills, this device is the right option.

However, in addition to this shiatsu massage, you will also enjoy the walking massage and kneading function of the device. Within a short time, you may get a good sensation on your feet muscles. You can start walking or running smoothly.

The manufacturer has designed the device deliberately for all the users. That is why the device provides you with six options to manage the level of intensity of the massage. You may adjust the level anytime and have a good massaging sensation. The massager is easily operable to all types of users. After it massages your foot continuously for fifteen minutes, the device will get turned off automatically. Thus, this automatic feature makes your operation very easy. However, for massaging, you have two modes- Automatic and manual. The users have the option of enjoying any massaging technique.

The small massaging unit also has two bigger airbags that make the massaging process more effective for you. Forty-four massage heads help you to have various massaging solutions, including kneading, rolling, shiatsu and scrape.

The device also acts as a foot warmer. During the winter months, your feet may become very cold. At that time, you may use the foot warming functionality of the device. This is a type of massage, and you will get a different sensation from it. Set the temperature to high or low. You may also deactivate the heating functionality at any time.

You may use the foot massager every day. Other members of the house also use this device. That is why cleanliness must be the major factor to maintain the device. Footcloth cover should remain clean all the time. You may remove this cover easily to wash it, and then, fit to the device.


  • Good timing feature;
  • Makes blood circulation better;
  • Reduces foot pain;
  • Different massaging levels.


  • The heat function must be better.

Thus, choose any of the above foot massagers for your everyday use. From the above guide, you will be able to pick the best foot massager. Add strength to your foot with the regular massaging session.

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