Foot care


Prevention of unpleasant foot odor

At the level of the feet there are more sweat glands than in any other part of the body, so the unpleasant odor of the feet is a relatively common problem, especially in summer.

The solution to avoid the unpleasant odor of the feet is the demanding hygiene. Wash your feet in warm (not hot) water every night and in the morning, using an antibacterial soap. Rinse your feet with cold water and then wipe them vigorously, insisting on the spaces between your fingers. Finally, apply the talcum powder with lavender or lemon.

Wear cotton socks, and in the hot season wear sandals; Avoid wearing summer shoes. Change the socks every day and never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, as the complete shoe drying takes place in at least 24 hours.



Foot massage

Peppermint or cypress aroma oils can be helpful in reducing perspiration. Thus, it is recommended to massage the feet in the evening and in the morning, using a mixture of 8 drops of cypress oil, 3 drops of peppermint oil and 25 ml of almond oil, until the mixture penetrates the skin.You can also use a professional massage machine, a device that will help you use your time for another activity you want to do. You will definitely find a good massage device that will relax you at home exactly like a beauty salon.

Calluses and thickened areas of skin The walking and the standing state increase the pressure at the level of the heel and the plantar area, so that the skin in those areas undergoes an adaptive change in the direction of thickening, to support the regional mechanical demands. This is how the bumps and pimples appear. Calluses appear in areas of high pressure, while bumps appear rather in areas close to the joints.

Calluses and creases can be removed by exfoliation with the help of a pumice stone, during the bath, when the keratin layers soften. After this procedure, apply an emollient cream, such as those made from lemon oil, lavender, tea tree or mint. Alternatively, you can apply a cream with vitamin E or massage oil with lavender and tea tree extract to soothe the skin after exfoliation. For cracked heels apply yellows in the form of cream or lotion.

The best solution to remove the calluses is to use a callus remover gel, which helps us get beautiful legs, get rid of calluses and even pain and discomfort created on the go.