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Many of us use shoe insoles to reduce the foot pain during any outdoor activity, like running or walking. Although your shoes come with original insoles, they may start wearing out due to your regular use. Every day, your feet go through several movements. These feet get high stress while you are standing or walking for long hours. While you have poorly fitted shoes, you may have various foot issues. To prevent any complication to your foot, you have to use the insoles.

When you are buying the insoles, sizing is the most important factor for you. The manufacturers mention the ranges like that of the shoe sizes. You may need to trim the full-length insoles. Thus, at the time of putting them into your shoes, you can customize them.
Another thing that you have to learn is the way of placing the insoles. While it is the full-length insoles, you have to replace the present one. However, when this newly bought insole is very thin, this replacement is not essential. You may try to read the manufacturers’ instructions for the placement of insoles.

The footbed of the insoles is of different types. The arch support can be rigid or semi-rigid. You may also get the insoles with flat cushions. However, you have to know the purpose of buying the insole, and then, you can look for the right footbed for your insoles. You must also check the materials, used for the insoles. Gel, leather, foam, and cork are the common materials, for your shoe insoles. However, the reputed brand, Superfeet has used foam for most of the insoles. The best Superfeet insoles are suitable to manage all types of issues, including the pain and heel pain.

Top 3 Reliable Superfeet Insoles

1Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

Superfeet GREENSuperfeet has offered one of the stylish, green colored insoles to give you the ultimate comfort. The manufacturer has designed these full-length insoles for all the male and female users. The durability of these insoles will help you to have the best value from your investment. Your feet will have the best support while you are using these insoles. You may use the insoles for one year without any issue of wear and tear. To say clearly, you will be able to walk 500 miles by using these insoles.

The heel cup of these insoles is much deep, and that is why you can get much convenience while using these products. The shock absorption capacity is also highly amazing. The height of the insoles is 2″, while their width is 4″. The specially designed product helps you in lowering the stress on your knees, feet, and ankles. As the best Superfeet insole, it is one of the high profile products and helps you in stabilizing your foot.

The high-density, closed-cell foam is another attractive feature of the insole. The manufacture as added it for cushioning your foot. Thus, while you are using the insole for long hours, you will have no discomfort on the feet.

Most of us have sweated on our feet. That is why we get an odor from our footwear and socks. However, while you have inserted the insole to your feet, you will have no odor from it. Superfeet has applied a natural coat on the insole surface. It is effective for eliminating the odor and in reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

The insole includes a stabilizer cap and this innovative feature helps in adding more stability to your rear foot. It also makes the layer of foam more consistent. Thus, you may use this best Superfeet green insole for reducing plantar fasciitis pain or pain on your arch, foot, and heel. Insert the insoles to your high-end sneakers and all other shoes.


  • Reduces pain and increases comfort;
  • Odor control insole;
  • Gives you comfort;
  • Biomechanical shape.


  • Not much resilient to few users.

2Superfeet COPPER, Comfort Orthotic Insoles

Superfeet COPPERThis copper colored insole is another product from Superfeet. Several users love this product as it gives a high level of comfort to their sole and feet. You may easily put on these insoles for creating the best impressions of the feet. You will have no hassle of baking and casting.

One of the good features of these insoles is the memory foam. Whether you are walking or running, this foam is capable of capturing the right shape from your foot. It is the best Superfeet insole, offering you high flexibility. These insoles are able to accommodate your foot shape rightly. Get the utmost comfort from the pressure-sensitive memory foam. You may remove the factory insoles of the footwear, and use this product of Superfeet. You can insert the insoles to any roomy footwear.

Superfeet has tried to add high durability to all its products. Thus, these copper colored synthetic insoles are also highly resilient and reliable. You can get the comfort from these insoles for twelve months. The low-profile insole shape is another advantage, offered by this Superfeet product.  You will have no strain on the knees, feet, and ankles. The reinforced cap is also present in this insole for your rear foot and it backs up the foam layer.

The natural coating, applied on the insoles, helps you to keep from the odor. Due to the constant use, we get a bad smell from our footwear. However, these insoles have a special coating for controlling the odor. You will have no risk of bacteria, caused by odor.

Another good feature of these insoles is the heel cup. This heel cup helps you in positioning your heel very easily in the right spot. It also adds the impact-absorption capacity to the insoles. You may walk a long distance using these insoles from Superfeet.

Thus, for curing the biochemical issues of your foot, you may rely on these orthotic insoles. These specially made insoles have a very sturdy base to give you comfort.


  • Comfortable memory foam;
  • Best for high-impact outdoor activities;
  • Fit for men and women;
  • Stable foam layer.


  • Issues while walking on uneven land.

3Superfeet BLUE Full Length Insole

Superfeet BLUEWe have chosen another full-length insole from Superfeet. These blue colored insoles have all the features that you desire to have for comfort.  They are medium-profile insoles, and the manufacturer has given the best shape to these products. To have a strong and consistent backup to your foot, you can invest in these insoles. These insoles do not consume much space in your shoes. Check out the size and know whether they fit best to your shoes.

As a pair of high-performance insoles, this product has gained the attention of several users. While you are running or doing other activities, you will find an improved performance of your feet.

To make the insoles highly comfortable and user-friendly, the manufacturer has integrated foam layer. This closed cell, high-density foam is one of the best parts for cushioning your foot. Get good feelings for long hours.

Heel Cup is common to most of the insoles of Superfeet. These blue insoles also have the special feature for the easy positioning of the heels. The manufacturer has designed this part scientifically for the natural absorption of the impact. The narrow stabilizer cap is also useful for regular users. It is intended to increase the support and make the structure consistent.

Another positive aspect of the insole is the odor controlling capacity. With no concern of odor, you may keep on wearing the insoles. In some cases, the continuous sweating can emit an odor. However, when you have used the Superfeet insole, you can find a natural coating for eliminating odor. This coating also helps in preventing the growth of bacteria. As the coating is organic and has no synthetic chemical, you will have no skin issues for wearing the shoes with Superfeet insoles.

You may use these insoles with Superfeet footwear or the shoes of any other brands. Both the surface and the base part of the insoles are highly durable and gives a good sensation to the users.


  • Long-lasting;
  • Organic coating;
  • Stylish in look.


  • Few users feel difficulty to fit the insole.


Have a look at the above review of the best Superfeet insoles. Buy the right insoles to put them into the shoes.

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