Best Products To Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet

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The flaky and dry skin on the feet is a common condition that affects a lot of people globally. So if you are suffering from this condition, don’t worry about it any longer because everything you need to know to get it treated will be shared with you as you read on.

Although dry skin on the feet has no severe health condition, the irritation it causes can make one feel awful and ashamed of showing one’s feet publicly.

I could remember some years back when I suffered from this condition. All my favorite sandals were abandoned because they will expose my bad feet to the public which I’m not comfortable with. Unlike me, I go to the beach with covered shoes and jeans just to make sure all my body was covered. At a time, it started affecting my self-esteem because I wasn’t able to wear my favorite outfits and I became ashamed of myself.

With determination, I took out time to make research on the best possible ways to treat dead skin on the feet and I was glad I finally found some effective methods. Within a few weeks from the treatment, all the dead skin were replaced with fresh and smooth skin!

As we are about to look at some effective ways to handle dead skin on the feet, I will like to reiterate that dry or dead skin is just a skin that hasn’t been exfoliated for a very long time. So to get it to the normal state, you need to exfoliate it.

Having said that, let us look at the three effective products that will help you get rid of dead skin on your feet.

Top 3 Products to remove dead skin from your fit

1Sparedi Callus Remover made from mint Eucalyptus

Sparedi Callus RemoverEffectiveness & safety

My number one recommendation for removing dead skin from the feet will definitely be Sparedi Callus Remover. Why is this my top choice? It is highly effective and it takes just some few seconds before you start to see amazing results.

No matter how tough or rough your feet may be, Sparedi Callus Remover is made to tackle any issue related to dead or dry skin. It is safe to use and it saves you a whole lot of time trying to deal with dry skin on your own.

This product is a podiatrist and dermatologist tested product so you don’t have to worry or fear about any health complications. Once applied on the affected areas, it breaks down the unpleasant calluses in just a few seconds so you can just buff or file them away – no cutting for whatsoever is required during the process.

Dimensions & Content

Sparedi Callus Remover comes in a tube-like container that has dimensions 2” x 2” x 8” and weighs 1.2 pounds. The content inside is a gel that contains a useful substance that helps dissolve calluses or any dead skin in less than a minute.

Aside calluses, Sparedi Callus Remover is also very effective in dealing with cracked feet. I have used this product personally and I have also recommended it for a number of friends and family and I can confidently tell you that this product is full of praise from all the users.


Although it is very safe to use, the manufacturer of Sparedi will always tell you it’s for professional use only. Before using, you must also go through the direction of usage thoroughly to avoid any complications. Also, when applying you need to wear gloves for protection.


  • It is highly effective and takes just seconds to see amazing results;
  • It is safe to use;
  • You hardly see any negative comment about this product;
  • It tackles the toughest calluses you could think of;


2Miracle Foot Cream For Dead Skin Repair On The Feet – Made From Organic Aloe Vera

Miracle Foot Repair CreamEffectiveness & Safety

Another amazing dead skin repairer that works almost as effective as the Sparedi Callus Remover is the Miracle Foot Cream Repairer. Just like the name, this lotion works like a miracle because it helps to exfoliate your feet from dead or dry skin in just a short period of time.

Unlike most foot cream repairer, Miracle foot cream is safe for diabetics and it is specially formulated to penetrate fast and deep to give you the desired relief you crave for. Miracle foot cream is also helpful in dealing with Athlete’s Foot Symptom.

Best time to use

The best time to apply this cream is in the night so it can work all through the night. By the next morning, your feet would have become as smooth and fresh as a baby. It is effective for cracked heels and feet. It also works fine for unpleasant odors, relieves itching and rejuvenates achy feet.

Place of production & composition

This product is produced in the United States and has been in existence for over thirty years helping millions of people. It is made from 60 percent pure organic aloe vera which is a good agent for tackling dry, cracked and itchy skin forever. This amazing healing cream has helped millions of people all over the world to restore their feet to the normal state.

The fact that it helps to deal with foot odor makes it a good product that is worth mentioning on this list.


  • Highly effective in getting rid of dead skin;
  • Produces result with a short period of time;
  • Made in the United State;
  • Safe for diabetics;
  • Made from organic aloe vera.


  • Has a strange smell when applied;
  • May not be the best for the long-term dry skin.

3Pedicure Foot File, Glass Pedicure, Pedicure Rasp Callus Remover

Glass Pedicure Callus RemoverPlace of production and composition

The Pedicure Foot File Callus Remover is the third product we recommend for getting rid of dead skin on the feet. This beauty product is made in Czech Republic from 100 percent genuine glass of the best quality.

Effectiveness and safety

If you are suffering from any form of physical foot condition such as dry feet, smelly feet, rough feet, etc. this product can help bring your feet to normal condition. A long-term application of this tool can promote smoother and healthier skin on the sole and heel of the foot.

Pedicure foot file is safe and gentle to use. Do the filing gently in any direction, focusing on the targeted tough skin and hard calluses around the heel and sole of the foot. This tool comes with two-sided filing surfaces – one fine side and one slightly coarser side.

The good thing about this tool is that it is safe to use, hygienic, and reusable. It has a non-porous glass surface that prevents the spread of unhealthy fungus and bacteria. Unlike other nail files, the Czech glass foot file can be washed, sterilized and re-used on several occasions.

For better and effective result, it is recommended that you shower before using so as to soften the skin around the feet. After using the file, it is advisable to wash under running water and use a soft towel to dry.


  • Safe to use;
  • It is effective;
  • Made from high-quality Czech glass;
  • Can be reused multiple times;
  • The glass surface prevents the spread of unhealthy fungus and bacteria.


  • You must take caution when filing in order not to cut your skin;
  • You have to bathe the affected area before using this product.