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Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream JAFRA Spa Foot Care Trio Natural Shea Butter Moisturizing Foot Cream
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Foot care should be a very important part of everyone’s beauty routine. This aspect is beneficial both for peripheral circulation and for the appearance of the legs.

Special care must be taken at any time, not only when our feet are dehydrated,  have corns, feet are swollen or have pains.

The most appropriate moment is to take-care of your feet after a warm bath, this is the perfect time for the soles and heels to soften.

Total relaxation must be every day, so we need to take care of our body. Besides a foot massage after a bath, we can take care of them by applying creams corresponding to the affections we have, or why not, preventively.

The most recommended is to prevent any problem, which is why the prevention is very important. It is much easier to prevent than to treat, and that in any domain.

Hoping that we chose the best products we tested, we detailed them below and hopefully help you choose the best foot cream you want.


1Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream

foot cream tea tree oilIt isn’t difficult to understand why this is the Best Foot Cream you can have today. The tested cream is made with the help of the natural and the most powerful ingredients, it is developed with the help of the latest technology and it comes in a great package. We would like to recommend it for people who want to care for their feet all year around and who need the ultimate cream with the most powerful formula. Yes, the cream has been developed and tested in the United States as well, so it means the latest safety regulations.


Two times bigger than similar packages

One advantage we simply must include is the size of the cream package. It is 2 times larger than standard creams come with which makes it ideal if you want a complete care for your feet for a longer period of time. It is well-packaged and even the case looks better than most other creams come with. All of this simply means that the cream isn’t made for those who don’t have a need to use it. It is made for those with severely damaged skin on the feet, with cracks and etc.

Natural and powerful formula

Thanks to the powerful ingredients inside the cream, the formula is more powerful than you can imagine. Just a few ingredients include peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and Aloe Vera. When combined, these ingredients do make a massive difference on the skin and can assist you with almost anything. You will like the odor as well and you will like the fact cream offers all the benefits within days. Keep in mind that you must wait for the skin to absorb the cream, which will be slow at the beginning.


  • Massive package;
  • Natural formula;
  • Handmade cream;
  • Very effective.


  • Seal on the lid;
  • The Sharp odor may be an issue for some people.


2JAFRA Spa Foot Care Trio

Jafra foot care

The JAFRA Spa Foot Care Trio is a relatively new product on the market and it may look different than any other, but it is actually a powerful, natural product that comes made by one of the largest companies in the world. It has been tested in the United States and Europe. The sharp and it meets the latest regulations. As such, you can be free to use it for complete feet care. Did you notice that we said a complete feet care? There is a reason for that.

3 in 1 package

The main advantage is actually the number of products you get in the package. There are 3 of them and each one is designed to do just one thing. For instance, you get a complete repair cream which will assist your feet in repairing the damaged skin. It works well and the first results can be visible after a few days. The second product is for maintaining the feet health and the third one will simply protect the feet from the elements friction and etc.

Ultimate feel

Another thing you will want to know about is the feel you can experience the first time you apply the cream on your feet. It feels warm, soft and almost like you can feel the cream penetrating the skin and reaching deeper layers. The best effect will be visible once you apply the cream after work or after taking a shower. It is one of a kind feeling we all loved.


  • 3 products included in the package;
  • Natural and powerful ;
  • Great feeling when used;
  • Odor.


  • Expensive;
  • Lack of additional information.


3All Natural Shea Butter Moisturizing Foot Cream

shea butter foot cream

For most of you this foot cream will be the most interesting. If you feel a need to try it, you definitely should do it. There are a lot of reasons for that, as we will explain below. But, all you have to know is that the cream is a natural product manufactured in the United States and it meets GMP standards and requirements. It may be slightly different than other products of this kind, but it is highly effective and therefore desirable.

Essential oils and butter combinations

The main ingredients in the cream are coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. You will recognize all of them and you can tell that this mixture looks promising. The truth is, it is even better than we believed. The cream is powerful tool versus cracked and damaged feet and it comes with superb benefits. All the butters and oils inside the cream work in a perfect harmony to make sure your feet are repaired and stay in perfect health. You will be surprised by the overall feel and the power of the cream.

Unisex cream

Perhaps it sounds funny and weird, but this cream is made for use by men and women. Reasons for that is slightly different skin type in men and women. Luckily the cream was tested with both genders and it meets the desirable outcomes. The cream is capable of penetrating and repairing the cracked skin on the feet within days, so you will be more than just happy with the looks of your new feet.


  • Natural and powerful formula;
  • Great ingredients;
  • Effective on all skin types;
  • Shea Butter is present as well.


  • Lid on the cream;
  • Small package.

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