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Elite Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray Natural Mint Shoe Deodorizer RightFoot, Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray
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The unpleasant smell of shoes from is a problem that we all have, mostly men. There are simple tricks with which we can get rid of this problem. The smell goes deep into the superfeet if the shoe is not well ventilated, and to get that smell we have to take care of it.

It is very important how we store the shoes. If we keep it in a closed space, there is a tantrum that it will catch an unpleasant smell. It is best to keep the shoe in an open space on a well-ventilated stand. Ideally, we would put this stand on a balcony if we have it and so the shoe will be airy.

It is not advisable to keep the shoes in the boxes because they can not breathe. If we do this, it is better to use a special spray that is shoe stores and to apply in slippers before you put them in boxes.


1Elite Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray

deodorizer sprayIf you are looking for the Best Foot and Shoe Deodorizer this right here can be the answer to your prayers. It is a special product that comes with special advantages and it is more than just successful in eliminating the bad odors once for all. The main advantage is in the actions it offers.

The deodorizer will not only help you with the bad odor but also assist you with cracked skin on your feet and make sure the feet are in perfect health.

3 action system

The deodorizer works in three ways. The first one is obvious. It will eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odor. We should add that it is fast-action deodorizer that offers its benefits instantly after applying.

The second action is related to the fact it will make sure there are no causes of bad odor left to cause your feet to smell bad again. As such, it removes the cause and side effects. The last but not least important is the repairing of the damaged skin. You will notice a great sensation when applies.

7 essential oils paired with 11 herbs

A formula inside this deodorizer is more than just advanced. It is based on 7 essential oils and 11 herbs. What this means is that you get a powerful tool versus a bad odor and you can make sure it will not come back. This product uses some of the most powerful essential oils and herbs. They will also assist you with the skin healing process.


  • 7 essential oils;
  • 11 herbs are used in the formula;
  • Eliminates the bad odor instantly;
  • Eliminates the cause of bad odor.


  • Very small package;
  • Expensive.

2Natural Mint Shoe Deodorizer, Foot Deodorant Spray

deodorizer spray footNatural Mint Shoe Deodorizer, Foot Deodorant Spray is made in the United States. It comes with a powerful formula as you would expect and it is one of the longest-effect products of this kind. It should be applied on the toes and the feet in order to provide its benefits.

Keep that in mind when applying it. In addition, it has been designed for people who wear different footwear over a day and who need a complete bad odor elimination.

24 hours effect

If you want to do everything well, all you have to do is to apply the deodorizer once per a day and you are done. Make sure you apply it in the morning before you wear clean socks to maximize the overall result. It is irrelevant how many footwear you will wear that day, the effect will stay present and you won’t experience a bad odor, period.

This made it one of the best products of this kind and simply said, it is the most desirable. We would recommend it for students, sports players and etc.

Works with all kinds of footwear

Some odorizes don’t work with different types of footwear. What this means is that they will be effective while you wear sneakers, but ineffective when you wear boots. This one is completely different. It will make sure your feet are safe and odor-free regardless of which type of footwear you are wearing right now.

We also liked the fact you will get the same benefits even if you move from sneakers to the boots. The last but not least is the protection versus the bacteria that cause bad odor.


  • 24-hour effect;
  • Effective regardless of which footwear you are wearing;
  • Powerful ingredients;
  • 100% user satisfaction.


  • Lack of advanced effects;
  • Has no benefits on damaged skin.

3RightFoot, Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray

shoe and foot deodorizerIt is natural, effective and comes with great benefits to the skin on the feet. When it comes purely to the bad odor elimination, we are more than just satisfied. This product has been developed in the United States and it offers some of the most advanced formulas of this kind. We also were impressed with the odor it provides. It is fresh, appealing and completely opposite of the one you are trying to get rid.

For professional users

If you are an athlete who has been dealing with bad feet odor for the entire life, this product is the ultimate answer. Spraying it on your feet will completely eliminate the bad odors and make sure they don’t come back. We all know that athletes wear sneakers and sweat at the same time, which increases the bad odor effects even more. Luckily this small deodorizer can solve the issue and make sure your feet stay fresh, even under demanding situations.  Yes, you can use it even if you are not an athlete. We only emphasized the power of the deodorizer and helped you understand that it will work even in most cruel environments.

Suitable for sensitive skin

You will want to know that people with sensitive skin on their feet can use this product as well. It was a huge issue a few years back and some individuals were unable to solve the bad odor once for all. Now, with this unit, you don’t have to worry. This formula is designed to affect the bacteria that cause a bad odor only. It is sensitive for the skin and it won’t irritate it or affect it on any other way. We liked this advantage and we believe that you all of you should try this deodorizer at least once.


  • For professional applications;
  • Powerful bacteria elimination properties;
  • Stays effective for the entire day;
  • People with sensitive skin can use this deodorizer.


  • Some people don’t like the odor of deodorizer.