Best Electric Callus Remover of 2019

Best Electric Callus Remover: Top 3 Choices Right Now

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Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico More Details
Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover More Details
Rechargeable Electronic Foot File CR900 by Own Harmony More Details

Most of you will know what electric callus removers are. This means that most of you had or still have problems with callus. Basically, this is a simple condition that affects millions all over the planet. It occurs when skin is exposed to any form of irritation for a longer period of time. The longer it is exposed, the thicker callus layers will be. This means that it is the right time to get the best electric callus remover.

Electric models are probably the most popular of them all. First and foremost, they have a spinning head which is layered with an abrasive surface and it is used to remove callus. As you already know, electric callus removers are simple gadgets that make our lives easier.

When choosing the best unit, you will have two alternatives. The first one is to get a battery powered version and the second one is to get a corded one. Both types are based on the same design and should be used in the same way. The only difference is in the origin of energy that moves the electric motor.

An interesting feature, usually new models have is the waterproof design. It allows you to use the callus remover while taking a shower or while your feet are wet. It makes the entire process easier and more comfortable. Of course, this isn’t the case with all models and just some of them can be used while wet.

Another fact to know is that the rotating head can be easily replaced. The main difference is in the abrasive level. Those with bigger particles are used for more advanced callus removal. The smaller ones are gentler and usually desirable for more delicate operations. Ideally, you would get two in the package and be able to replace them within a matter of minutes.

Top 3 Electric Callus Removers

Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico

Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico

This is the Best Electric Callus Remover thanks to several reasons. First one is the fact you can recharge it more than 1.000 times and each time you do, the battery will last 8 hours. You need 40 minutes to recharge it. Then you get an LED light which will illuminate the area of skin you are treating at the moment. But, the best thing about it is the fact you get two rotating handles and two speeds. The first speed is gentler, while the second one is quicker, obviously, allowing you to quickly remove the callus. Combinations between the rotating heads and the speeds are impressive no less and they will make sure you get rid of callus once and for all.

The modern design is the next best thing about this model. It looks sophisticated and elegant. The power is always available and helps you use the callus removal within minutes. The attention to details is great and the quality is even better. If you are looking for the callus remover which is based on the latest technology, this is the one.


  • 2 speeds;
  • Great and modern design;
  • 2 rotating heads are included in the package;
  • Battery lasts 8 hours.


  • Small file surface;
  • Complicated user manual.

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

As the name suggests, this particular model is one of the most functional units available on the market at the moment. The design is unique and using the model is slightly different than you would expect. In the package, you get 3 discs with different abrasive levels. All of this helps you to remove callus easier and faster than ever before. In general, you are going to need a couple of minutes to get your feet perfectly smooth and clean.

The level of details is impressive. You will actually have one of the best electric callus removers, period. The overall quality is even better than we hoped. The main material is metal, meaning that this is durable and strong, professional callus remover. It also tells us that it is going to last and can meet all your requirements, even the most complicated. Of course, this is a tip to toe model, so you are free to use it on your feet, toes and anywhere else, where callus deposits are located. And of course, all of this comes at a price.


  • Well-made and durable;
  • Great package with a lot of included elements;
  • Easy to use;
  • For complete callus removal.


  • Expensive;
  • Heavy.

Electric Callus Remover: Rechargeable Electronic Foot File CR900 by Own Harmony

Rechargeable Electronic Foot File CR900 by Own Harmony

We liked the mode in question and chances are high that you will like it as well. The first advantage it has is the power. This particular model is 3 times more powerful than similar versions. It uses a rechargeable battery to operate and it is eco-friendly. We must add the fact that callus removal is comfortable and quicker than other models can provide. In general, you are removing the callus 3 times quicker, which is possible due to power.

The design is ergonomic, so holding the unit in your hands is simple and easy. It is perfectly suitable for areas which are hard to reach and which cannot be cleaned with other models.  If you are not satisfied with it, you can always return it. Well within 30 days and you will get your money back. In addition, this unit available with a discount, so it is more than just an appealing choice.


  • 3 times more powerful than similar models;
  • Comfortable to use;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Gentle.


  • One speed only;
  • A bit slow.


We were able to find the Best Electric Callus Remover simply because we tested more than 20 different models available on the market right now. These 3 showed the best results and they are the best value for money. This means that you can get the best unit within minutes. All you have to do is to find the one, from the list which is the most appealing to you and which has the most suitable features.

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