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We are usually much conscious of our facial skin or the skin of our hands. However, when you look at your feet, you will surely find rough, thick skin. We call it callus, and it not only affects the beauty of our feet but also make you feel discomfort. Lots of people like to visit dermatologists to cure this issue. But, to have the best home remedy, you may look for a specially designed tool, known as callus shaver.

You may find calluses both on your feet and hands. While you lift heavy weights or dig out grounds every day in your garden, you can have calluses at different spots of the hands. It is the undue friction, which can cause this type of issue. There are some other reasons for which you may have feet calluses. Poorly fitted shoes or the high heeled shoes result in these calluses.

You may have tried out the callus pads and best callus remover creams for healing the cracked, painful skin. However, now, you can better buy a callus shaver to cure this condition. Although there are electric shavers, available in the market, we have chosen the safest ones that work manually. You won’t need to have any special skill to operate a foot callus shaver.

It is always essential to check the shaver features while buying it. The ease of using the tool is one of the important aspects of the users. Most of the manufacturers give instruction on the usage of their products. The performance and the comfort level are also the notable factors to you. The best shavers never affect your skin negatively.

Now, have a look at the review of the best callus shaver models.

Top 3 Callus Shavers

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Microplane Colossal Pedicure RaspIf you have applied chemical treatments for callus removal, you may have experienced feet burn and other issues. However, now, it is the best time to rely on a high-quality callus shaver. For the leading and original technology, Microplane has become one of the known brands, manufacturing callus removing tool. We have reviewed a professional-grade and the best callus shaver– Colossal Pedicure Rasp. You can avail this personal foot care tool to remove the thick, rough, callused skin. You may apply the tool on your waterless feet before having a bath. However, lots of users also like to soak the feet. You can choose any of the technique since there is no difference in the result.

Unique in design

The Pedicure Rasp has a much big surface, which is effective at treating your calluses very easily. You will be able to save your energy and time while using this Microplane product. You have to apply just the minimal level of effort for treating your hard calluses. Most of the users have seen that the thicker callus or the serious callus condition is curable with the help of this tool.


You may find lots of bulky or heavy-duty or callus shavers in the market. However, Microplane has offered you a lightweight product that is easily controllable by the users. You can grip the ergonomic handle of the shaver, and move it thoroughly over the calluses. The overall frame is made of plastic, and that’s why this material has not much weight to the product.


This is the major feature of the shaver, working effectively for your feet. The micro-file and the stainless-steel teeth work magically for your feet to give you a soft skin.


Colossal Pedicure Rasp is available in two different colors- Brown and pink.


  • Removes toughest calluses;
  • Easy to grip;
  • High-quality blade.


  • Not safe for any diabetic user.

ZIZZON Foot Care Pedicure Callus Shaver

ZIZZON Foot Care Pedicure Callus ShaverZizzon is another reputable brand, offering you a high-standard Pedicure Callus Shaver. To make your feet look beautiful and get a softer skin, you can use this product. For every use, you can remove much amount of rough skin. You will get a good feeling while walking on your soft foot.

You may better soak your feet with lukewarm water for some minutes and then dry it. After that, you can use your shaver

Non-slip handle

While you are gripping any handle, it usually becomes much slippery. However, to prevent this type of discomfort for the users, the manufacturer has specially designed the callus shaver handle with a solid, high-quality wood. You will feel comfortable with this handle and control the tool smoothly. Moreover, this durable wood won’t get broken very easily.

Stainless steel frame

Zizzon has applied stainless steel to design the major part of the shaver frame. The high-quality steel will surely retain the polished, new look of your foot callus shaver. There will be no corrosion or rust issue of this frame, and the product will also last for several years.

Safe design

There is a gap precision of 0.5mm, and the overall design is safe to all the users. The cutter head works smoothly and very fast. You can easily remove the dead and cracked skin or callous from the foot.

Blade and cutter heads

The cutter head of this best callus shaver is removable. You can detach it anytime for cleaning or maintain it and you load it to the system. In addition to it, the blades are also replaceable, and Zizzon offered 10 blades in its package. To get the best result, you must not use one blade several times.

2-in-1 facility

You may use the file heads and the blades alternately.


  • Attractive and sturdy;
  • Gives your super soft skin;
  • Cures cracks on heals.


  • Instructions are not clear.

Sof Feet Callus Reducer

Sof Feet Callus ReducerSof Feet has really offered the best product for softer and smoother sole and feet. It is a sophisticated looking white colored callous remover. Although the shaver is effective at giving you the desired result, you may still use the Softening Cream of this brand every day. To get the softest feel on your feet, you can rely on this product. Apply the shaver and the cream daily, and enjoy their combined effects for the pedicure. Lots of users buy this combo package for the better outcome.

The callus shaver can work best for all the parts of your feet. However, for your toes, you will feel that it is much big in size.

Innovative screen design

The screen does the major function of curing and reducing your calluses. While you are rubbing the screen against the spot, it starts attracting the dry tissues of your skin. This grit screen is made of silicon carbide, and it is highly durable.

Detachable screen

The screens of this callus shaver are replaceable and detachable. You can replace them with a new one to get an optimum level of performance from the simple tool. To maintain the condition of the screen, you can rinse it and clean it thoroughly. However, while the screen has got worn-out, you have to use another one.

 Replaceable blades

The blades of the tool are also separable, and you can replace them at any time.

Good handle

The handle is ergonomic to control the tool easily.


  • Effective at removing calluses;
  • Restores the natural smoothness and softness of your feet;
  • Highly functional grit technology.


  • May not give an instant solution.

Choose any of the callus shavers and treat your feet at home. There is always a good solution to treat our calluses, so we will continue to find complete solutions to solve all the problems with calluses.

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