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Have you touched the skin on your heel? You may have felt the thick, rough skin. It is the callus, grown in different shapes. Although it is not serious, it can result in irritation. Lots of reputed brands have manufactured creams and oils for curing the foot disease, like a callus.

The most effective creams have a special scientific formula to work on your foot skin. While you are applying the cream, it reaches the internal layer of your foot skin and makes the part softer and smoother. The regular application will help you to reduce the calluses within few days. The dermatologists also think that these creams or lotions are the right products for foot callus treatment. The creams of various brands are available in different ounces, and you may check it out while buying any cream.

Most of the best quality products are usually non-greasy in nature, and thus, they won’t cause the stain to your clothing. The cream also gets absorbed in your skin very fast. The manufacturers may mention the time of using the cream to have the optimal result. Apply the lotion or cream on your dry skin regularly, and it will act as the moisturizer for the feet. While you have chosen a callus remover cream, you have to check the ingredients and their values. In most cases, the brands use natural ingredients for the safest solution.

The cream formula must not have any harsh chemical and should not cause any allergy or discomfort to your skin. You will have no burning or tingling sensation on your feet skin. After applying the cream, you can sleep peacefully. We have now reviewed best callus remover cream from various brands. Read this review and make your decision on buying the product.

Top 3 Callus Remover Creams

1O’Keeffe’s K0320001 for Healthy Feet Foot Cream

O'Keeffe's K0320001To get the simplest solution to our foot callus, we always look for the best products, and O’Keeffe’s foot cream is one of them. This is a concentrated cream, intended for healing, repairing and relieving the cracked feet. It is one of the clinically tested products, and you can get the best result by using it every day. The product is available in different sizes, ranging from 1-pack to 12-pack. You may apply this best callus remover cream after your bath or at the bedtime. These are the right times to moisturize the dry feet or sole.

High-quality ingredients

Glycerin is used as one of the ingredients in the cream, and it helps in retaining moisture for hydration process. The manufacturer has also added water for treating the dry skin cells. Paraffin acts as the barrier to control the skin moisture. Another ingredient, used in the cream is Allantoin, and it is able to soften your foot skin.

Faster result

The cream shows its action in various ways. It instantly increases the skin’s moisture content, develops a good protective layer and prevents the loss of moisture. The cream can reach the internal layer of skin, penetrating the rougher and thicker surface. Most of the users have found better outcome within some days.


You won’t have to be concerned on the adverse effect of the cream on your skin. The product is designed to give you a positive result. Although you may have allergy issues, you can still use the cream. However, you can speak to your dermatologist to get better instructions from him.


  • Safe for all users;
  • Contains no scent;
  • Non-greasy cream;
  • The most effective ingredients.


  • For some users, it takes time to show results.

2Open Naturals Urea 40% Foot Cream

Open Naturals Urea 40% Foot CreamWhen you are looking for natural and safe foot cream for curing the calluses, you will surely find the brand name, Open Naturals. Open Naturals has applied the special formula to manufacture its foot cream. With the process of rehydration and by adding moisture, this cream works for your skin. You may apply the cream on the dry skin of your elbow and your feet. Thus, by paying for one cream package, you can treat calluses on different spots. Buy this 4oz package from Open Naturals and reduce your callus problem by using the cream regularly. The cream must not have contact with the open wounds or bleeding skin.

40% urea-

Urea is one of the natural skin components. It’s a hygroscopic component, capable of binding moisture in the outer skin layer. It has anti-microbial and anti-itch properties. Due to its keratolytic nature, it is capable of breaking down the links of dead cells. That is why the manufacturer has applied it for the product. The 40% urea formula is effective for soothing and softening your skin.

Other ingredients

There are other natural constituents, used for the product. Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil- these are some other potential ingredients in this foot cream. The oil is intended for preventing the bacterial and fungal effect on your feet. You will get a fresh sensation in your feet and other parts, where you have applied the cream. The ingredient list also includes safflower oil, deionized water, methylparaben, propylene glycol and many more.


  • Moisturizes the knee, feet, and elbows;
  • Therapeutic solution for all men and women;
  • Removes all the rough patches of your skin;
  • FDA approved the product.


  • Strong smell.

3Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom SaltThis blue colored package of foot callus solution gives you a cool sensation. For pampering your feet every day, you can rely on this product. The tired looking, cracked feet gets the best treatment from this product. This oil is best for those users, whose feet remain active throughout a year. While you don’t like to invest in a professional spa, you can use this product. You can better soak your feet in this oil at nighttime, and you will surely find the softer skin in the morning.

Original formula

The manufacturer has created a unique formula for this callus remover cream. The ingredients, used for the product, not only cure the calluses but also act as the remedy other foot skin issues. There are 6 essential oils, which have high potentials for treating your skin. Tea Tree oil, present in it, works best for Athlete’s Foot, ingrown toenail, sweaty skin of the feet, a fungus of a toenail, odor in the feet and calluses. Thus, for healthy toenails and feet skin, you can rely on this best callus remover cream.

Feet aching reliever

While you have calluses on the feet, you can feel aching. To reduce the discomfort and aching, this product gives the right solution.

Dissolve fast

While you like to have a foot bath or spa, this formula works for you. Soak your foot in this solution, and have a refreshing sensation in your feet. You can soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes, and enjoy an aromatic bath for your foot.


  • Clean the toenails and feet;
  • Prevents bacterial effect;
  • Makes the feet skin softer;
  • Good fragrance;
  • Never affects your toenail polish.


  • Pricey;
  • Small package.

From the above comprehensive review, you can find out the effectiveness of callus solutions. Treat your feet skin disease, and walk comfortably with no pain.

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