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Rough, hard and the thick skin issue is very common to our feet. This condition is known as the foot callus. We try out different ways for healing these calluses. For instance, some of us use electronic scrapers, while others use pumice stones. Your feet skin is usually twenty times thicker, in contrast to the skin of other parts of the body. Thus, you must take the best step for maintaining the condition of your feet skin. You should moisturize this skin with the use of the right callus remover. The feet will stay smooth and soft for a longer time.

Now, one of the safest and highly effective ways to cure calluses is to put on the pads. These are special feet pads, which are designed for treating the conditions, like the callus. By using those pads regularly, you can enjoy the smoother and softer feel in the feet. Most of these pads are very easy to use and give you the result within a short time. You just have to place the pads on the spot, where you have found the rough skin.

The shoes and foot size of every person is different. Due to the choice of poor-fitted footwear, we have pressure at a few points of our sole or feet. The pressure and friction can cause the development of calluses. Most of the callus pads have an arch, and they can fit your feet firmly. Some models have a system for attaching them to your toenails, while others have adhesive to get attached tightly. The pads will not shift their position. Get the instant relief from using those pads.

We have picked the best callus pads, available in the market. We think that our genuine review will help you to make out whether the product is right for you.

Top 3 Callus Pads

1Dr. Fredericks Original 2 Piece Metatarsal Pad Set

Dr. Fredericks Original 2 Piece Metatarsal Pad SetDr. Fredericks has offered one of the high-quality metatarsal pads to cure your feet calluses and other similar problem of your feet skin. Lots of hikers, walkers, runners, and sportsmen have chosen this product for their regular solution. Most of them have realized that these pads are helpful in reducing the level of pain, caused due to calluses or corn. Although the pads are slightly thin and flimsy, they help you with the right level of cushioning. As you have two feet, Dr. Fredericks has added two pads to its package.  A detailed view of the features will enable you to get the concept.


The foot pads are made of biodegradable components, and thus, they are the safest option for all the users. The pads fit for most of the feet.

Loop anchor-

The toe loop anchor is intended to fit pad to the right place. You have to put it to one of your toes, and the pad is ready to protect your sole.

Technologically advanced design-

With the processes, like shock absorption, vibration and pressure distribution. There are also non-slip ridges on the pads for the convenience of the users. The size of the pads is good and can cover the major part of your forefoot. We think that they can surely cover the rough skin fully, and give the ultimate protection to your feet.

A solution for various conditions-

In addition to the calluses, metatarsalgia and blister are curable with these specially designed pads. The brand has claimed that it is also useful for treating sesamoiditis, broken metatarsals and post-surgery condition. Thus, with a reasonable investment, you can get the best solution.


  • Much durable;
  • Light and stretchy material;
  • Highly efficient and functional.



  • Cause discomfort to few users;
  • Slides.

2Dr. Jills Gel “U”-Shaped Callus Pads

Dr. Jills Gel "U"-Shaped Callus PadsDr. Jills has created U-like gel pads for treating the calluses. While using pads, you have to remove them after every three to four hours. This helps your skin cells to breathe. Then, wash the pads with water and soap, and after drying them, they can be reused. The sticky quality will not get affected due to your regular cleansing.

Good in shape-

The shape of the pads is like-U, and it is intended to fully cover the rough, stinging callus affected part. The manufacturer has applied a scientific way for designing these pads. Due to this unique design, you can find the pressure is distributed uniformly from your thick calluses to your pads. Reduce the pain easily by using these pads. You can get 2 soft pads in one package.

Self-stick system-

You won’t have to make much effort for attaching the cushions on your feet. They are very easy to use due to the self-adhesive system. After attaching the pads at the right spot, you can put on your footwear of any style. You will feel no discomfort for the presence of these pads since they are very soft in nature.


It is one of the useful features of these best callus pads. You won’t have to buy the pads several times. Just pay for one package and you will realize the benefits from many days. As the pads are intended for feet, they may become dirty. You can simply wash them and use them for more than one time. Thus, the pads give you lasting value.

A remedy for various issues-

The pads are specially designed for softening the thick skin that is affected with calluses. However, they are also effective at reducing the heel pain, caused by calluses and other conditions.


  • Reusable;
  • Washable;
  • Self-adhering;
  • Redistributes the pressure.


  • Too much sticky.

318159 Pedi-pads

18159 Pedi-pads 1/8 FeltAetna Felt is another reputed brand that has manufactured various solutions for foot treatment. This brand has become known to most of the podiatrists. The foot care professionals have realized that its products are designed rightly for treating the painful calluses. The callus pads, offered by this brand, are also of very high-quality, and most of the users have felt the positive results from using those pads. One pack includes a number of pads, and thus, the buyers can get the utmost value from their investment. Place the pads at the right position; check the instruction of the manufacturer and have the desired result.



We have already reviewed the product of Dr. Jills. The shape of Aetna Felt’s pads and that of Dr. Jills is much similar. Both of them have U-like shape. The pads are consistent in design and give the high level of backup to the metatarsal portion.


This type of system makes it easy for the users to put on the pads on the soles. You may not need to wear socks for fitting the pads tightly.


The pads are very soft, and they not only cure the calluses but also give you much comfort. You can use it for several hours. These pads are reusable; you won’t have to dispose of the pads after using them once.


  • Soft pads;
  • Reduces calluses;
  • Fits to your sole.


  • The adhesion must be better;
  • Pads get flattened after using them for a number of times.

Thus, look for the best callus pads, and buy them for your everyday use to prevent the problem of dry skin.

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