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A rough, cracked skin on the feet is very common to most of us. This dry skin does not disappear naturally. You have to take steps for removing this flaky dry skin.  Everyone loves the soft skin on the foot like that of a baby. Although there are several types of products to cure this feet skin issue, you have to choose the best one. The foot peeling masks are the safest choice for all the users. These peels have become very popular products to maintain the smooth skin on the feet. We have found they are more beneficial than the conventional pumice stones.

The foot peels are the foot socks or sleeves. These sleeves hold the major component that does not work for you. The reliable brands always use the skin-friendly components in these sleeves. While you put on the sleeves, they release the ingredient. It is very easy for everyone to use these peels. No special arrangement is essential for using the peels. After wearing the peel, you may do your everyday activities freely. At the right time, you can remove the peel. You can treat your feet in this way.

Although you may be familiar to pumice stone and other products, it is the best time to try out the foot peels. You will surely find the effectiveness and benefits of this product. It does not scuff up your skin and cures the calluses very easily. Most of the users get the result within a few weeks. As different brands have released these foot-peeling masks, we have tried to find out the most reliable manufacturer. Baby Foot is the most reputed brand, offering foot peels in various packages.

We have reviewed two products from Baby Foot. We think that it will surely help you to make the purchase.


1Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

baby foot peelWe have chosen this Baby Foot peel package to help you with the exfoliation process. Lots of users have invested in this affordable package for easy removal of the dead skin from their feet.

A dry foot is an issue not only during the winter season but also at other times of a year. To restore the smoothness and soft tone of your foot skin, you can buy this 2.4 Fl. Oz. package of Baby Foot peel. This peeling mask does the magic for you.

Some of us choose to use the pumice stones, foot files, chemicals, and razors. However, all these items give a temporary solution to your foot skin issue. To get the lasting value from your foot treatment product, you may invest in this best Baby Foot Peel package. This mask offers you one of the most effective home remedies to you. While you regularly put on high heel shoes, you can find a cracked and dry feet. This condition may also cause pain. Thus, to treat the issue at your home, you can buy this scientifically formulated. While you use a razor or other conventional products, your foot skin can be at risk. It is better to rely on the safest peeling mask of Baby Foot.

You will surely find it very easy to use the mask. Although you are a novice user, you can put on the mask after buying it. After taking out the mask, you have to cut it along the dotted portion. You will find a tape for securing booties. Then, after an hour, you may put on the socks for walking around easily. While you have removed the mask, you have to cleanse your feet with water.

This package has a lavender scented peeling mask. Thus, the fragrance will give you a good sensation. This special foot mask also has seventeen types of natural extracts to cause the positive effects on the concerned parts of your skin. Within four to seven days, you may start finding the result.


  • Contains natural ingredients;
  • No risk to use;
  • Faster result.


  • Can be used for one time.

2Baby Foot Scented Foot Care, 3 count

baby foot packWe have chosen another package from Baby Foot. This scented mask gives your feet a soothing sensation. You can get a package of three pairs of the mask at a lower price. Baby Foot has offered you 30ml of content for every foot. Thus, use the product rightly and have the benefits from it. You will not have cracked and rough soles,

Removal of dead skin on the foot becomes easily with the use of the peel. When you have sensitive skin, you must speak to the dermatologists to use the product safely. However, most of the users have said that they have no irritation from using the mask.

This package presents you with a type of gel that contains chemicals (lactic acid and salicylic acid). The presence of these ingredients makes the dead cells peeling task much easier. In the case of the female users, the size 4-13 is best. However, for the male users, there is a size 4-12.

The unique formula of the product comprises 16 natural ingredients, which are effective for removing the dry cell layer and moisturizing the skin. The overall removal process is risk-free. It eliminates all the layers of dead cells.

You can apply the peels easily on your feet. After applying the pack, you have to leave it for an hour. Then, you may use soap water for washing the part thoroughly. Most of the users have found the result within one week. However, you must use the peel every month. The product may cause a stinging sensation, while you have fungus on your feet. Do not use the product when you have injuries on the feet.

Now, let us make a list of all other ingredients in the package. The main content includes Butylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Citrus Grandis, Citrus, Sae Leaf, Chamomilla Recutita, Linalool, Salicylic Acid, Disodium Phosphate and Limonene and many more. The manufacturer has chosen these ingredients to present you with the best outcome.


  • Removes dead skin;
  • Pleasant scent;
  • Booties are rightly packed.


  • Cannot make too soft like that of a baby.


Now, it is easy for you to choose the best Baby Foot Peel packages. Although it is no different in the result of these two packages, you have to check other details. Removing the calluses or dry skin is not a time-consuming task to you. However, you have to follow the instructions while using the peel for your foot. When you have skin issues, wounds, and sores, you may better avoid using the product. Get back the natural look and tone of your foot skin.

From the above review of two products, you will surely realize that Baby Foot has offered one of the best products for the users. The process of application is much easier than any regular scrubbing process.  The sock-like plastic sheets are easy to put on your feet. We have tested the solution in these sheets to check out their friendliness to the skin. When you are buying any foot peel, you must make sure that its components do not cause allergy to your skin.

Baby Foot has tried to make its product unique by applying fragrance. The product works as a type of chemical peel. Glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid are common to the products of Baby Foot. These ingredients start breaking up connections of dead cells in the skin. After three to four days, the peel will start showing its action on the dry rough skin.

While you have created an everyday chemical exfoliation schedule, you may include the best Baby Foot peel in your routine. It is the best way to restore the beauty of the foot skin. Your skin will retain the young look all the time. Thus, you can purchase any of the packages that we have chosen for you. You will find an unparalleled result from it.

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